Our Greek courses are highly personalised and designed to improve your Greek communication skills, whether your focus is social, business, financial, diplomatic or legal. Upon completion of a Greek course you will speak Greek with confidence.

Benefits of our Greek language course

A Greek language course will provide you with the ability to:

  • Speak Greek with confidence
  • Interact more confidently when visiting Greek- speaking regions or dealing with Greek speakers
  • Build rapport and strengthen relationships with Greek-speaking colleagues and clients
  • Facilitate international communication at both a personal and organisational level

Who should attend our Greek course

A Greek language training course is suitable for:

  • Anyone working in Greek-speaking countries
  • Anyone planning to relocate to a Greek- speaking region and wishing to attend a Greek course in order to prepare in advance for their assignment
  • Business professionals conducting business regularly with Greek speakers
  • Government and non-governmental agency representatives who need to be able to communicate at all levels

Greek course content

The content and format of your Greek language training course will depend on your profession, proficiency in Greek and objectives. Whether beginner, survival, intermediate or advanced, key areas covered in all our Greek courses include:

  • Spoken fluency
  • Listening skills
  • Pronunciation and accent
  • Reading skills
  • Telephone skills in Greek
  • Email skills in Greek
  • Sector-specific terminology
  • Presentation & negotiation skills

The teachers are Greeks, specialized and experienced in teaching Greek as a foreign language. Our teaching method combines textbooks and traditional educational materials with other, less conventional sources, such as songs, newspapers, the radio, according to the students’ level. Emphasis is given in the vocabulary and grammar through guided communicative exercises.

We have small groups which help giving each individual the necessary help and support needed.

Our syllabus includes general topics according to the level but there can also be topics based on specific needs areas e.g. hospital employees, hotel employees etc.

Courses are offered morning or afternoon throughout the year.

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